Baofeng desktop charger li-ion battery charging for uv-5r 5ra 5rb 5rc 5rd 5re 5replus and bf-f8+ radios

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Product description

Color Name:Desktop Charger


* Li-ion Radio Battery Charger 100v-240v for BaoFeng UV 5R Series.

1.Voltage Input:100v-240v

2.2 pin flat or around plug Li-ion Radio Battery Charger 100v-240v for UV5R BaoFeng UV-5R/UV-5RA

3.Charge : Li-ion battery

4.Input: AC 11V

5.Output: DC 8.4V 500mAh

6.PSU input: 100~240VAC

Package Include:

1 x Radio Battery Desktop Charger

1 x AD Adapter

* Compatible Baofeng Radio Models:

UV-5R, UV-5R+, UV-5RA, UV-5RB, UV-5RC, UV-5RD, UV-5RE, UV-5RE+, UV-5RG

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