Baofeng CH-6DMR (DMR and Analog) Dual Band Two-Way Radio (144-148MHz VHF & 430-450MHz UHF),Includes Full Kit with Programming Cable

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Baofeng radio

Baofeng CH-6DMR is IC Certified radio, IC Certification #: 25196-DM1706

Baofeng CH-6DMR is one of the most versatile dual-band DMR radio available. Designed for amateur usage with its large, bright colour TFT display. The CH-6DMR can store 4,000 Channels and 120,000 Contacts (VIA CSV files upload.)

The frequency range is 144-148MHz and 430-450 MHz.

DMR Tier 1 & 2 Compatible, MOTOTRBO Compatible
It is compatible with the MOTO TRBO series radios using standard, as well as other makes and models of DMR supported radios. It is also compatible with any two-way radio operating on the supported VHF/UHF frequencies for easy migration to digital technology. Dual Slot DMR Radio (Tier 1 and Tier 2 Compliant)

Longer battery life and transmission distance
2200mAh battery support 250 hours standby time and more than 12 hours use life are enough for your standard work shift: ideal for outdoor adventure activities of HAMs

The CH-6DMR Allows for Front Panel Programmable Channels, but for advanced features, software programming is recommended (Programming Cable Included), Requires Windows PC (free software available at Support & Download Section), Programmable Side Keys, and Upgradeable Firmware



Frequency Range: VHF 144-148 (Rx/Tx) UHF 430-450 (Rx/Tx)

Channel Capacity: 4000 Channels

Channel Spacing: 25KHz (Wideband) 12.5KHz (Narrow-Band)

Phase-locked Step: 5KHz, 6.25KHz

Frequency Stability: ±2.5ppm

Operating Voltage: 7.4v DC ±20%/(2200mAh)

Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ +60℃



Output Power: High: 5W Low: 1W

Output Consumption: Analog ≤1.6A Digital ≤ 0.9A

Consumption: ≤0.18A

FM Modulation (Wide/Narrow):    16K¢F3E@25KHz 



4FSK Digital Modulation: 12.5KHz for data 7K60FXD

                                         12.5KHz for data and voice: 7K60FXE

Modulation Distortion: <5%

Signal-to-Noise (Wide/Narrow): ≥45dB@25KHz,  ≥40dB@12.5KHz

Adjacent Channel Power: ≤-65dB@25KHz  ≤60dB@12.5KHz

Audio Response: +1 ~-3dB

Antenna Port Sporous: 90KHz - 1GHz: ≤-36dBm

                                     1GHz -12.5GHz: ≤-30dBm

Digital Protocol: ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3

Vocoder Type: AMBE+2™


Analog Receive Sensitivity: -122dBm (12dB SINAD)

Digital Receive Sensitivity: -120dBm (BER≤5%)

Audio Power: 1W

Audio Distortion: <10%

Audio Response: +1 ~ -3dB

Signal Imitation: ≥70dB

Intermediation (Wide/Narrow): ≥62dB / ≥58dB

Adjacent Channel Selectivity (Wide/Narrow): ≥65dB / ≥60dB

Receive Current: ≤380mA

PM Noise: ≥45dB@25KHz / ≥40dB@12.5KHz

What's in the Box:

Baofeng CH-6DMR,

2200mAh standard battery, Belt Clips, Programming Cable, Charger Base,  Earpiece Kit, Dual Band Antenna, Wrist Strap, User's Manual

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