tyt md-398 10 watt dmr digital radio ip67 waterproof up to 1000 channels with 2 antenna (high gain antenna included)-ic certification id: 10337a-md380v

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  • We bring in TYT MD 398 VHF, these radios are IC certified IC Certification ID: 10337A-MD380V AND FCC Certification
  • Hardware Version Identification Number (HVIN): MD-398V
  • TYT MD-398 VHF136-174MHz 10 Watt Two Way Radio IP67 Waterproof Walkie Talkie DMR Digital Radio



TYT MD-398 IP67 DMR Digital Radio 10W VHF136-174MHz transceiver MD398 woki toki

Product Description

Item number MD-398
Frequency Range VHF136-174MHz
More frequency available 450-520/136-174/220-260/245-245.9875MHZ
More frequency available 1000
Working voltage 7.2v
Working temperature -30℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+85℃
Continuous working time Analog:15hours    Digital:25hours
Battery capacity 2800Mah
Frequency Range VHF136-174MHz
Channel spacing 12.5KHZ
Frequency stability +/-1.5ppm
TX power Low:1W  High:10W
FM noise -40dB @ 12.5KHZ
Spurious emission <-36dB m @ 1GHZ,> -30dB m @ 1G
Adjacent channel selectivity -60dB @ 12.5KHZ
FM modulation mode 12.5KHZ:11 F 0 F 3 E
4FSK digital modulation mode 12.5KHZ(data only):7K60FX
Modulation limit 2.5KHZ @ 12.5KHZ
Audio response +1dB~-3dB
Rated audio distortion ≤3%
Digital protocol ETSITS102361-1,-2,-3
Vocoder type AMBE+2TM
Frequency Range 400-470MHz
Channel spacking 12.5KHZ
Frequency stability +/-1.0ppm
Analog sensibility 0.35uV/-116dBm(20dB SINAD)
0.22 uV/-120dBm(Typical)
Digital sensibility 0.3 uV/-117.4dBm(BER 5%)
0.7 uV/-110dBm(BER 1%)
Spurious response TIA603C: 65dB
ETSI:  65dB
Adjacent channel selectivity TIA603C: 60dB @ 12.5KHZ
ETSI:  60dB @ 12.5KHZ
Spurious response suppression TIA603C: 70dB    ETSI: 70dB
Receiving spurious emissions <-57dBm @ 1GHZ,> -47dBm @
Blocking 84dB
Rated audio power 1W
Audio response +1dB~-3dB
Rated audio distortion ≤3%

Packing List: 

1 x TYT MD-398 Digital Radio (VHF136-174MHz)    

1 x 7.4V 2800mah Li-ion Battery 

1 x SMA-Male Gain Antenna     

1 x High Gain SMA-Male Antenna  

1 x Belt Clip     

1 x ENG Manual 

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