Baofeng UV-5R III Tri-Band (vhf136-174mhz/220-260/uhf400-480mhz) analog portable two-way radio

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TRI-Band Radio for Amateur USEThe UV-5R Tri-Band is for use on amateur frequencies. The UV-5R Tri-Band is able to Transmit on Narrowband (12.5kHz) and Wideband (25kHz).


Tri-Band Radio: 136-174mhz (VHF), 220-260mhz, 400-520.99mhz (UHF)

Simultaneous DisplayFor those that want to have the most information at their fingertips on a specific channel – they can synchronize the displays. You can configure the displays to synchronize and allow both the Channel Name and frequency to simultaneously display on the selected channel.

Simpler ScanningChannel Skip: Easily add or remove a channel from the scanning list.
Frequency Scanning: When scanning in the Frequency (VFO) Mode, you can easily enter in the range and frequency steps that you want to scan without scanning the full frequency band.

DTMF Remote CommandsThe UV-5R Tri-Band can respond to remote commands. By remotely sending DTMF tones you can both ‘Stun’ (Transmit Disable) or ‘Kill’ (Disables all functions) the UV-5R Tri-Band. You also can ‘Revive’ a UV-5R Tri-Band from its “stunned” or “killed” state. You can also remotely turn on the microphone through ‘Monitor’, or ensure the radio is within range by using ‘Inspect’ (replies with a confirmation tone when it is within range).

Dual Watch ReceiverThe UV-5R Tri-Band has one built-in receiver but can “watch” two channels (semi-duplex). Monitor two different frequencies (even on different bands (VHF/UHF)) and the radio will monitor both frequencies giving priority to the first station to receive an incoming call.

ANI UpdatesAlong with being able to previously send ANI (Identification); You can now enable “Decoding” the ANI right on the display

FM Broadcast StationYou can listen to the FM Broadcast radio, while still monitoring your radio frequencies in the background. Any incoming call will be given priority ensuring you never miss an important call while listening to the radio.

Group Tones supportedThe UV-5R Tri-Band supports the most common Analog Tones. It supports CTCSS, DCS, and DTMF calling methods. Set-up your calling methods to call by group tones. Tone calling (private line) is required by most repeater applications and the UV-5R Tri-Band supports the latest standards


The UV-5R Tri-Band can even send DTMF tones. This allows for sending ANI (Caller ID) or remote commands that require DTMF tones; or it can receive incoming DTMF tones to allow for remote stun, kill, revive, monitor, and inspection commands.

Internal VOX functionThe UV-5R Tri-Band has an internal VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) function for convenient hands-free operation and can be used in conjunction with the included earpiece and mic. The VOX level and VOX delay time are adjustable your needs.

Customize Your Operation with channels, Programmable Buttons, and more!You can program your UV-5R Tri-Band exactly how you want it. There are 128 programmable memory channels. You can add or remove channels from scanning list using the free computer software. You can give channels alphanumeric names, using a computer. The radio has 2 power levels (5 watts maximum), allowing you to choose how far you can communicate. You can set VFO limits using the CHIRP software. You can easily program from a PC to set-up the radio to operate exactly as needed.

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