Baofeng UV-82 8 watt vhf/uhf dual ptt band fm ham walkie talkie two-way radio transceiver

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  • ✔️Sold by authorized Baofeng Distributor Baofeng radio. We provide the USA and you no need to send Boefang radio 8 watt ham radio to China if the product has technical problems
  • ✔️Power: High/medium/low settings frequency: (Due to chip reasons, UV82 after 2021 does not have FM frequency modulation function) VHF: 136-174 MHz/UHF: 400-520 MHz
  • ✔️Function: Dual PTT button, auto keypad lock, Dual Band, Dual frequency display and dual standby
  • ✔️Warranty:100% USA Warranty from Baofeng radio. Battery: 2800 mAh
  • ✔️Extra: A link for a special firmware Baofeng-chanellist will be provided on request!


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