bftech 60w power adapter 1st generation magnetic travel charger | compatible with 15″ & 17″ apple macbook pro (made before mid 2012)

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Found it! The coolest, smallest, and most reliable travel charger for your 15″ or 17″ 60 Watt MacBook Pro Notebook. This 60W charger will even charge 45W and 60W MacBooks!

Magnetic Connector 1st Gen for MacBook Pro fitment details:

Replaces or fits Apple Part #’s: A1172, A1343, A1222, A1290, MA938LL/A, MC556LL/A

Made for MacBook Pro Notebooks (early 2008 – mid 2012)

Compatible with both T Style and L Style connectors

15″ Mid 2009

17″ Mid 2009

17″ Early 2009

15″ Late 2008

17″ Late 2008

15″ Early 2008

17″ Early 2008

15″ 2.4/2.2GHz

17″ 2.4GHz

15″ Core 2 Duo

17″ Core 2 Duo

15″ Glossy

15″ Mid 2012

15″ Late 2011

17″ Late 2011

15″ Early 2011

17″ Early 2011

15″ Mid 2010

17″ Mid 2010

**GUIDE ONLY** It is necessary that you check and verify which model of Apple computer or charger you have before purchasing.

Controlled internally by a quad core processor, the Apple MacBook Magnetic Connector 1st Generation Replacement Power Adapter automatically regulates voltage (power) to offer not only the safest charger, but also the most efficient for 60 watt laptops and their batteries.

When we designed this replacement charger, it was made to seamlessly blend the highest-quality replacement charger with the coolest looking design on the market today. But we didn’t stop there… when you purchase this Dynamic Power Mini-Charger you’ll also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Love it or your money back.

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