Pofung BaoFeng UV 5RIC VHF 144-148 MHz UHF 430-450 MHz Dual Band Two Way Amateur Radio

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The Classic Pofung (Baofeng) UV-5R now IC Certified

Certification # 25965-P51UV

This radio runs on Amateur Radio Bands ONLY, Amateur radio license is required to transmit. NOT for commercial use.  CAN'T BE PROGRAMMED TO FRS OR GMRS.


- Frequency Range:

144-148 / 430-450 MHz (Tx / Rx)

136-174 / 400-470 MHz (Rx ONLY)

- Detailed English/French manual; Dual Power Amplifier.

- Dual-Band Display, Dual Freq. Display, Dual-Standby.

- Output Power: 4 /1Watts.

- Channel Step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25KHz.

- 128 Channels 50 CTCSS and 105 DCS.

- FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz).

- Hight /Low RF Power Switchable.

- Wide/Narrow Band 25KHz/12.5KHz Switchable.

- 0~9 grades VOX selectable.

Pofung (BaoFeng) UV-5R Package Content:

1 x UV-5RIC Two-Way Radio

1 x 7.4V 1800mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

1 x Stock Antenna 

1 x Earphone Mic/Headset

1 x Belt Clip

1 x Hand Strap


1 x adapter

1 x Desktop Charger ( 100V ~ 240V )


Radio might not be legal TO TRANSMIT in certain countries, states, jurisdictions, or on specific frequencies.
Please check local laws and regulations before transmitting with this radio

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