Retevis rt7 uhf analog business radio

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Business Radio RT7: UHF 400-470MHz FM USB Charging Analog rechargeable walkie talkies


RT7 two way radio covered with Innovative fashion stitching color, the   coating surface makes it more bright. Lightweight and thin body design,   which meets the ergonomic design, and makes hand more comfortable for   grip. Anyway, RT7 is a product with high quality and lower price. Its   fashion style loved by young people with avant-garde ideology, children   and people who have special needs.


1. FM Radio(Press the monitor key to open the machine, FM radio opened)
 2. Bright Flashlight function
 3. Ergonomic design, Relatively thin body

Package include

  • 1 x Portable  radio

  • 1 x Li-ion  Battery

  • 1 x High  Gain Antenna

  • 1 x Belt  clip

  • 1 x Sling

  • 1 x Charger

  • 1 x Use’s  manual

  • 1 x Earpiece(gift)

  • 1 X Adapter


General Specification

Model Retevis RT7
Frequency Range UHF:400-470MHz
Power 2W
Channel capacity 16 channels
Operating Voltage 3.7V
Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
Working Temperature -20°C—+50°C
Frequency Spacing 12.5kHz/25kHz
Battery capacity 1500mAH
Color Silver (black border)
Dimension(Exclude antenna) 122x55x28mm
Weight(Include Battery) 171g(6.03oz)
Dual band or Single band Single band
Dual frequency or Single frequency Single frequency
CTCSS/DCS 50 group CTCSS/105 group DCS
Digital FM Radio(Press monitor Open the radio) Yes
VOX(voice operated transmission Yes
Scan function Yes
Voice prompt(English/Chinese) Yes
Timer-out timer(TOT) Yes
Squelch level adjustment Yes
Emergency alarm Yes
Auto battery save Yes
Battery low alert Yes
Monitor function Yes
Busy channel lock-out Yes
Bright flashlight function Yes
PC software programmable Yes
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
Modulation Mode(W/N Band) F3E
Maximum Frequency Deviation(W/N Band) <5kHz(W), <2.5kHz(N)
Spurious Power <=7.5 µW
Adjacent channel power 65dB (W) ,55dB (N)
Audio Distortion 5%
SNR -52dB(W), -48dB(N)
Transmitting Current <=1500mA
Sensitivity <0.20µ V (12dB SINAD)
Audio Power 1W
Inter modulation Interference Resistance >=65dB (W), >=55dB (N)
Adjacent channel Sensitivity (W/N Band) >=65dB (W), >=55dB (N)
Receiving Current <= 400m A


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