TYT TH-9000D Plus Mobile car radio vhf 144-148mh 65w 200 channels vehicle transceiver(ic certification id: 10337a-th-9000dv)

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We bring in TYT TH-9000D Plus VHF, these radios are IC certified

IC Certification ID: 10337A-TH-9000DV

Value COMBO also available!


TYT TH-9000D Plus 60W VHF144-148MHz Mini Mobile Radio Transceiver Ham Radio For Bus Taxi Car Truck Radio Communication Two Way Radio 



Main Functions:

  Frequency Range:   VHF:144-148MHz
  Output Power:        VHF: 10W/25W/60W
*  1750Hz Tone *  CTCSS/DCS setting & scanning
*  0-9 SQL grade setting *  Frequency/Channel scanning
*  High/Mid/Low power selectable *  Voice compander
*  Repeater offset shift *  Keypad lock function
*  Contact book *  Battery voltage display
*  DTMF/2 tone/5 tone *  ANI ID
*  Remote kill/ stun/ activate/ revive *  Emergenvy alarm
*  Wide/Narrow band setting *  TX inhibit
*  Busy Channel Lock-Out *  Channel name editing
*  Reverse frequency *  Talk around
*  Scrambler(Optional) *  Voice prompt
*  Time-out Timer *  Auto Power off
*  VFO step setting:5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25/50kHz



                             Item Number                                     TH-9000D
Frequenvy Range 144-148MHZ
Channel Capacity 200
Channel Spacing 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50KHz
Freruency Stability 2.5ppm
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ + 60°C
Operating Voltage 13.8V DC ± 15%
Dimension(HxWxD)                            145mm x190mm x47mm
Weight(with bracket) 1200g
Reference Sensitivity 0.25V / 0.35V
Operating Bandwidth 60dB#12.5KHz /70dB#25KHz
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60dB#12.5KHz 70dB#25KHz
Inter-modulation Rejection ≥60dB/ ≥65dB
Spurious Response Rejection ≥70dB
Rated Audio Response +1-+3dB
Rated Audio Distortion <5%
FM Hum&Noise ≥40dB#25KHz /≥45KHz #12.5KHz
RF Power 45W/25W/10W(UHF)/60W/25W/10W(VHF)
Frequency Modulation 11kΦF3E / 16kΦF3E
Modulation Distortion <5%
FM Noise ≥36dB#25KHz /≥40KHz #12.5KHz
Adjacent Channel Power ≥60dB#12.5KHz /≥70KHz #25KHz
Audio Response +1-+3dB
Audio Distortion <5%


Package includes:

1* TYT TH-9000D VHF Mobile Transceiver

1* Handheld Microphone

1* Power Cable

1* Screws and Accessories

1* User’s Manual

1* Fixed Bracket




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