Wouxun KG-UV8D(Plus) Dual Bands, Voice Encryption Amateur Radio 144-148 MHz 430-450 MHz

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Wouxun Amateur Radio

The Wouxun KG-UV8D(Plus) is a feature-rich dual-band, voice encryption amateur radio. With two-way FM voice communication, a wide frequency range, and high/low power settings, this radio is perfect for any level of communication. Voice encryption provides enhanced security for conversations, making this the ideal choice for reliable and secure communication.


Radio might NOT be legal TO TRANSMIT in certain countries, states, provinces jurisdictions, or on specific frequencies.  Please check local laws and regulations before transmitting with this radio.

Baofengradio.ca assumes no responsibility or liability due to the misuse of our products


This radio runs on Amateur Radio Bands ONLY, Amateur radio license is required to transmit. Not for commercial use. CAN'T BE PROGRAMMED TO FRS OR GMRS.

- Frequency Range:
144-148 / 430-450 MHz (Tx / Rx)
136-174 / 400-470 MHz (Rx ONLY)



Duplex Work Mode and Dual Receiving
It can TX on one area while RX on the other area simultaneously, other, RX on the same or different bands of A&B areas simultaneously.

Cross Band Repeater
Frequency offset and direction programmable in repeater Mode UHF/VHF or VHF/UHF cross-band repeater

Voice Encryption and Non-Standard CTCSS/DCS
CTCSS or DCS creates a secret channel between radios, non-standard ctcss or dcs is a stronger version, voice encryption function uses a password to encrypt voice data

Some Improve Functions
Voice compander, backlight intensity can be adjusted, FM radio can be stored and retrieved 20 sets of frequency, power-on message editable


  main function Dulex Repeater(VHF to UHFor UHF to VHF)
main function Memory Channels 999
main function QT/DQT Encoding/Decoding, QT/DQT Scan
main function VOX and SOS Function
main function Multi Definition for Sidekeys
main function Incoming Message Display Caller ID display
main function DTMF Encoding&Decoding
main function All Calls, Group Calls, And Selective Calls
main function Dual Display, Two Independent Operation System
main function Large Color Screen
main function Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection (25KHZ/12.5KHz)
main function Voice Guide: Chinese/English
main function Chinese/English Screen Display
main function Bright Flashlight illumination
main function Reverse Frequency
main function Single-Tone Pulse Frequency:2100Hz/ 1750Hz/1000Hz/1450Hz
main function Stopwatch
main function Remote Alarm
main function Priority Scan Function

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